Environmental & Sustainability

'Our Environment.... Our Responsibility'

We strive to ensure that our operations today do not have a negative impact on the lives of future generations and have achieved ISO 14001 certification to support this goal.

To this end F H Harvey & Sons will endeavour to minimise and reduce our impact upon the environment to the lowest feasible level. Our aim is to achieve continuous environmental improvement.

We offer advice and suggestions from project design stage to look at ways of using the most environmentally friendly products from the very start.

Waste Management

F H Harvey & Sons continue to work with paint manufacturers to develop and promote site based waste management initiatives.

One such system is the ‘Envirowash’ wash out system, built to help reduce excess waste water in tool cleaning by recycling the water used and producing a clean, harmless waste water that can be returned to the environment. The use of this system has proved very successful and has enabled us to win several awards from our main contracting partners.

Our suppliers can deliver materials in bulk containers to reduce up to 93% of packaging. Where this is not feasible, we are partners in a variety of initiatives including can recycling schemes, and also donating any unused material to local community repaint projects.


Waste Carriers License

Environmental Policy

UNIC Envirowash