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Commercial Painting & Decorating in the Construction Sector Commercial Painting & Decorating in the Construction Sector

Stakeholder priorities

Main Contractor - Realistic and achievable capital costs

- Proactive site attitudes towards health & safety

- Environmental solutions on site to reduce building waste

- Works planning, monitoring and reporting to highlight issues as they arise

- Use of local labour and materials

- Apprentice and training opportunities

- Advice and expertise

- Professional and responsive on site

End Client - Best value Life Cycle taken into account solutions

- Attractive and appropriate decorative finishes

- Recommendations for the most suitable and sustainable finishing products

- Installation of products to meet BREEAM standards

- Use of reliable specialist coatings to give necessary protection to high performance areas

Building Users - Hygienic environment

- A durable finish appropriate for its use

- Aesthetic and pleasant surroundings

- Use of colour internally to define departments/zones clearly for ease of direction through the building

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