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Our credentials

QE Hospital A huge £559m Acute hospital in Birmingham. It covers a floor area of approx 500,000m2 over 9 floors towering 63m into the city sky. The building contains 30 theatres and enough rooms to house 1,105 single beds. All products used where chosen to ensure full compliance with HTM56, giving the client and end users an aesthetic and durable building.

Value: £2.9m

Cube This iconic building is the final chapter of the Mailbox development in central Birmingham. It houses high quality retail, residential and commercial units.

Value: £400k

Snowhill Plaza This open plan office complex didn t come without its challenges. A huge central atrium covered by a spectacular glass roof demanded unique technical requirements. We overcame these limitations with specialist abseiling techniques.

Value: £150k

NULC A college development for the 21st century with vibrant and daring decorative finishes to provide a superb environment for students and teachers alike. A real mix of decorative wall coverings, hardwood lacquers and external performance coatings were used for maximum impact.

Value: £485k

More detailed case studies can be found at: www.fhharvey.co.uk

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