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Our credentials

Royal Derby Hospital We have become part of the team at the Royal Derby Hospital, working to a yearly maintenance programme that we have helped to develop, to a budget of circa £150k per annum.

Our site tradesmen work alongside the hospital staff and patients to ensure that the hospital remains open whilst receiving its programmed repaint.

QE Hospital Working on an ad hoc basis we have completed maintenance works as required on this vast hospital in Birmingham with works ranging from £500 to £5000.

South Bromsgrove School The only suitable time to programme redecoration and maintenance works to a school is in the holidays, and that is exactly what we did to several Bromsgrove schools.

Not only did we repaint all the communal and corridor areas, but we also applied a clear anti-graffiti coating in order to extend the maintenance life cycle thus reducing our client s costs over the long term.

More detailed case studies can be found at:

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